Case Study : DataGlove - India

OpsArc’s seamless Workforce Management integration helps
DataGlove - India hire, manage and retain great talent

DataGlove - India is a pioneer in providing Cloud Transformation, Application & Workplace Transformation Services.

The Challenge

  • Minimal Employee Engagement & Visibility.
  • Reduce effort spent on providing data for payroll.
  • Ability to invoice in multiple currencies.
  • Financial, attendance and leave reports.
  • Productivity and Utilization of each billable staff.

The Solution

  • Single Platform with Employee and Admin interface.
  • Automating PTO tracking, visibility on Employee Portal.
  • Manage all of the sensitive people data in one organized, secure database.
  • Make strategic decisions with confidence using reporting and analytics.
  • Lower time to hire with remote hiring vs in-person.

DGI needed a platform focusing on workforce management and team collaboration, a multi currency solution along with flexible leave management, Timesheet, Expense reimbursement, Invoicing and which could integrate seamlessly with their Payroll provider. With those priorities in mind, DGI partnered with OpsArc, securing their end goal of a single source portal for the entire life-cycle of Employee experience.






People Onboard


Week Implementation

When DGI realized that their current HR system wouldn’t be adequate for the growing needs of the organization, they knew there was a daunting task ahead of them transitioning to a new HR system quickly and seamlessly. Choosing OpsArc made sense: the PTO tracking, Time and Expense, and other features would integrate perfectly into their organization’s existing workflows, saving everyone loads of time and effort. But HR was still worried about how long it might take to migrate their data and how difficult it would be to learn a whole new system. With rapid growth on the horizon, he knew DGI couldn’t afford a lot of lag time.

Implementation with OpsArc was complete within a few weeks. Over the course of a six months using OpsArc, DGI’s headcount surged to 270+ employees with 24 new hires.

“We were looking for something that was really easy for us to use, something that would enhance the Employee experience. OpsArc makes our employees’ and managers’ lives easier because its platform is so intuitive and flexible. We have a small HR team, so the fact that OpsArc is scalable and can grow with our team and company is so helpful”

The successful implementation process allowed DGI to input all of their employee data in just 1 week, setup seven different type of Leave types each of them seprately configured In just two days, DGI was able to setup and train 100% of their employees to use the new software.

Timely and error free reporting for Finance, Project Managers and HR along with and Employee experience are top of mind for DGI, so OpsArc’s integration resulted in a seamless transfer of new hire data to HRIS – makes for a smoother onboarding experience and higher talent retention. During the early months of the COVID-19 crisis, DGI hired and onboarded 12 new employees remotely.